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Global Auto-Trade Group PLC (GATG) owns the largest network of auto trade and service centres in the Republic of Moldova and is an official dealer of such market leaders as JCB, ISUZU-Bogdan, KAMAZ, MAZ, GAZ Group, Amkodor, Motordetal and Kommash. Established in 1998, GATG’s customer base now exceeded 13,500 clients and has a country-wide sales network comprising nine branches, eight showrooms, a specialised trade and service centre and an engine repair workshop, located in Chisinau, capital of Moldova.

Strategic location of Company’s trade centre in Chisinau continues to bring a consistent stream of customers and revenue. Furthermore, Moldova’s geographical position enables GATG to have access to developed and established markets of Western Europe and dynamic and growing emerging markets of post-soviet Eastern Europe.

GATG established a strong and trustworthy reputation both domestically and in CIS and holds 20% of Moldova’s specialised machinery, components and equipment market in terms of sales.

The company employs 126 highly trained staff across various sales, administrative and technical roles lead by the management team, which provides almost 20 years of experience in implementation and administration of successful projects.

Recently GATG has embarked on a project to establish its own assembly of industrial machinery in order to become the only company in Moldova to assemble specialised municipal made-to-order vehicles.

GATG has grown to become the largest automotive service company in Moldova. As such, the company is keen to use this opportunity to continue expanding both in Moldova and other key emerging markets of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

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