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The world around us is constantly changing. For the business to continue to thrive in these challenging times it must look ahead and understand the trends and forces that will shape the Company in the future and be able to swiftly adapt to any such changes. To achieve the most effective growth strategy, the Company must get ready for tomorrow, today.

Company’s Mission

Global Auto-trade Group PLC continually seeks to increase shareholder and investor value by maintaining a strong capital structure, enhancing long-term earnings growth and generous dividend levels consistent with the Company’s growth objective. In all its undertakings, Global Auto-trade Group PLC strives to protect shareholder investments and maintain its high level of financial integrity.

The Company seeks to achieve its goals by implementing bold and ambitious strategies:

  • To reinforce and strengthen its position on domestic and foreign markets as a leader in supplying, testing and servicing vehicles and auto components;
  • To consolidate carefully-selected competitive ventures;
  • To open representative offices in Russia and Ukraine;
  • To employ new and innovative technologies;
  • To maintain high standards of customer service;
  • To increase product and service range; and
  • To continue to build a strong, prosperous and forward-looking corporation by addressing the needs of all stakeholders.

The Company strives to provide innovative, convenient and quality services that meet clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

  • Innovation: to be a step ahead of competition and seek new and innovative solutions to satisfy increasing clients’ demands.
  • Quality: to be ahead above others in providing first class quality products and deliver outstanding customer service.
  • Reliability: to cherish and uphold clients’ trust in the Company, its products and services and ability to deliver a quick, reliable and seamless service.
  • Convenience: to provide clients with easy and convenient access to the Company’s products and services by keeping clients informed of existing and new products and services, maintaining existing and opening new local stores and providing on-location assistance.


The Company strives to achieve its goals and objectives, maintain strong capital structure and increase its profits to provide good dividend levels to its shareholders and investors. This will be achieved by continuing to invest capital and resources in personnel and management development, new and innovative technologies, developing infrastructure, maintaining quality and expanding a range of products and services.


Corporate culture at Global Auto-trade Group PLC shapes the attitudes and behaviour of all team members, which form foundations of values necessary to successfully achieve the Company’s goals and objectives:

  • Professionalism and integrity: always seek to exceed clients’ expectations, be courteous and professional in dealings with suppliers and colleagues, take responsibility for own actions and do the right thing;
  • Team spirit and innovation: always be one diverse team strive to find new ways to improve value for all stakeholders;
  • Pragmatism: always face reality with courage and focus on achieving goals and objectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company recognises its special place in society and the communities it operates in and strives to fulfil its social responsibilities by conducting its business with integrity and in accordance with the highest ethical principles.

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