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Company Announcements

Dear Investors,

As the Chairman of Global Auto-trade Group PLC, I would like to thank you in advance for your interest in our Company.

This is an exciting time for our company, as the start of our share offering will mark the beginning of an expansion for our business.

We have continually operated in a way that is financially and operationally prudent, opting for steady growth rather than overextending our operations and utilizing governance structures that provide additional confidence to prospective investors.

In line with this business approach, the Board of Directors has developed a strategy to further strengthen the Company’s capital structures, financial soundness and current operations, as well as expand a range of products and services and conquer new markets by opening our door to potential investors. Thus, the capital being raised will be used to grow the existing business, rather than fund new operations which may carry a higher level of risk.

We have begun implementing this investment opportunity with GATG by successfully listing our Company on the GXG Markets Main Quote, with shares trading as of March 17, 2014. As a next step of our capital markets strategy we have entered into the upgrade process and are seeking to have GATG admitted to the GXG Market´s Official List, an EU regulated market, with dual listing the shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange – offering the highest level of transparency and investor protection available under EU law. These achievements make Global Auto-Trade Group PLC the first Moldavian native company trading on a world leading stock exchange.

We are proud to say that investment in GATG is an investment in one of Moldova’s most successful automotive and mechanical services businesses, with a growth potential for many years to come.

Our operational location in Moldova has a strategic importance in an emerging market with a growing economy, holding vast potential and competitive investment perspectives for businesses operating there. Today, there is a clear positive trend for the Moldova infrastructure development, realized through a number of economic stimulus programs supported by the international community, such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank. As a result, the volume of state tenders in the industry is increasing year by year as local infrastructure is being brought up to Western standards.

Global Auto-Trade Group is qualified for participation in global tenders and already has a positive wins record of between 20 -30% of all tenders in the industry. Through the offer, the Company therefore opens to investors the opportunity to participate in and benefit from international programs in Moldova.

Our exclusive supplier agreements with many leading Eastern and Western European manufacturers give us a unique competitive advantage. We have already significantly enhanced the way we run our business and succeeded in adopting the international management standards ISO 9001 certification and the UK Corporate Governance Code. Due to its strict requirements, high standards and in order to promote effective, entrepreneurial and prudent management, operating under these standards will ensure long-term success of the company.

Because of the comprehensive nature of our service, today Global Auto-Trade Group PLC has grown to become the biggest automotive services company in Moldova. We want to use this opportunity to continue expanding — both within Moldova, and in other key emerging markets in CIS and Europe.

On behalf of my fellow Directors, I would like to welcome you to Global Auto-Trade Group PLC and express our thanks to you for joining us on this journey.

We invite you to get more information about GATG and its investment opportunities in the video material we have prepared for your attention: GATG Investment Explainer.

Yours faithfully,

Сonstantin Chebashev
Global Auto-Trade Group PLC

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