Global Auto-Trade Group PLC is the only Moldovan company to provide end-to-end solutions from supplying, testing and servicing specialised construction, agricultural, passenger and heavy goods vehicles, auto components and accessories, through to modification and CKD assembly of specialised machinery.

Vehicle Servicing Sale of Spare Parts and Accessories Sale of Vehicles Letting and Leasing of Commercial Premises
  • MOT (testing);
  • Repair and maintenance of vehicles;
  • Repair and maintenance of engines;
  • Vehicles’ registration and insurance services
  • Cars
  • Heavy goods vehicles
  • Specialised vehicles (agricultural and construction equipment)
  • Other spare parts and accessories.
  • Supply of machinery from JCB, MAZ, Dorelectromash, Amkodor, GAZ, etc.
  • The Company is letting out its showrooms, office, ¬†workshop and storage facilities.
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